Spirituality in the workplace

Corporate Character

Here are some vignettes of corporate character shared at a FfWS day held in London on Saturday 1 November 2008

Organisational Spirituality - Annotated Bibliography

Article critiquing books on organisationl spirituality looking at such topics as motivation through the design of work; in search of excellence; the Nice Company; new traditions in business; thought self-leadership; contented cows give better milk and many other topics.

The Spirit At Work Phenomenon - By Sue Howard and David Welbourn.

One of the most comprehensive and well researched books on the growing movement of spirituality in the workplace.

Organisational Spirituality - Away with the Fairies

Eve Poole suggests how the concept of organisational spirituality may help organisations to achieve some breakthrough in the intractable problems associated with employee motivation, engagement and well-being.

Pathways to Spirituality at Work: practicing presence, building trust, creating community. By Robin Alfred

Robin Alfred - Findhorn Foundation Consultancy Service - explores how to bring spirituality into consultancy practice.

Research report on spiritual leadership

During 2005-2006 a small team of volunteers interviewed leaders in organisations with the intention of understanding how the leaders viewed their role and the place, if any, of the spiritual dimension of their leadership. These interviews formed part of a pilot study into the nature of the spiritual in organisational environments, seen through the eyes of the organisational leaders.

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