Welcome to the Foundation for Workplace Spirituality. We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising spiritual awareness and consciousness in the workplace amongst many different groups – employees, managers, leaders, the media, shareholders and other stakeholders. This website contains resources, contacts and links to support individuals, communities and organisations who are exploring workplace spirituality. Our aim is to provide a forum through which everyone can network, connect and engage in a conversation that advances the raising of spiritual consciousness, awareness and practice. We would welcome two things from you as you explore this site – firstly, that you share any feedback that you have about its focus and content with us by sending us an email, and secondly, as we are a not-for-profit organisation we welcome donations to support our work. If this site resonates with you please consider becoming a friend or taking an active role in our fundraising activities. Thank you.

Recent Resources

  • The Spiritually Intelligent Leader

    Leadership is a quality belonging to all people. Leadership describes an energetic force a person has to forge ahead, to lean into the future, co-constructing reality as we meet it. There is a `tipping point’ which connects a person in his immediate and emerging reality. This quality allows a person to live between two worlds; the physical world and the metaphysical (imaginal) world. There is no doubt that we are capable of moving between these two worlds (Corbin, 1972, Heron, 1992).


    What is spirituality? There are myriad ways in which this question has been answered, through the ages, in different languages, throughout the world. Modern secular scholarship, as epitomised by studies such as Mitroff and Denton’s Spiritual Audit of Corporate America, encapsulate the concept as ‘meaning-making.’ I want however to follow the mystical tradition of metaphor to describe what I think spirituality is, which takes this rather further.

  • Corporate Character

    Here are some vignettes of corporate character shared at a FfWS day held in London on Saturday 1 November 2008

  • The Buddha on the Bottom Line?

    Profit, shareholder value, going global? Yes - and- quite unexpectantly - spirituality. Top leaders are showing an increasing interest in spirituality in the workplace as they realise that the needs of new generations of corporate contributors have moved exponentally beyond even Maslow's hierarchy. What do leaders do about this? What is spirituality in the workplce? What are the benefits? And who is a spireitual leader? We attempt to offer answers from business research and our daily work with leaders, take a look at the contributions from transpersonal psychology and, finally, offer some reflections on spiritual leaders.

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